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Thunda Thighs is a provocative, blood pumping roller coaster ride through the macabre and unnatural world of Vampire Master Fitness Trainer, Fitty Smallz and his posse of fitness fiends. Together, they unite in their deadly plot to convert two unwitting "Pure Blood" fitness enthusiasts, played by Dani Mathers, the 2015 Playmate of the Year, and Instagram “it girl” Lindsey Pelas, into Queen’s of the undead.  


Written by Fitty Smallz, Louis Mayo and Niles Maxwell and directed and edited by Louis Mayo, Thunda Thighs is the 4th music video produced by Fitty Smallz. All Fitty Smallz music and lyrics are written and produced in collaboration with Christopher Royden Myers and Ryan Viti of Mighty Music Group.  Female vocals by Joy Dennis. The Fitty Smallz music team has produced 6 original songs, including Hamburger Fries & Shake, Muffin Top, Gluteus Maximus, Thunda Thighs and two yet to be release tracks, Sweet Tooth Super Stars and Soda Pop.

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Gluteus Maximus is the third original music video by only America's Fitness Rap Star, Fitty Smallz and the second video featuring Reality TV Star Whitney Thore of TLC's, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney Thore exploded on the internet for her viral video, A Fat Girl Dancing and her No Body Shame Campaign. Fitty Smallz connected with Whitney Muffin Top before she landed her TV show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Muffin Top is a song and video about body empowerment and Fitty thought Whitney was a perfect fit because of her No Body Shame message. Female vocals by Joy Dennis.


Gluteus Maximus is a highly stylized, hysterical dance video that uses tongue in check humor to deliver the message of body acceptance and an all inclusive message for all body types, sizes and lifestyles.  The message is simple. No matter who you are, what you look like or what people think of you, accept your body and move your Gluteus Maximus.  


International fitness expert and Rapstar, Fitty Smallz follows up his smash hit Hamburger Fries & Shake with a hard hitting message that celebrates the acceptance of all body types, with Muffin Top. From one extreme to another, Hamburger Fries & Shake featured UFC and MMA champion Chuck “The IceMan” Liddell, while Muffin Top features media superstar Whitney Way Thore whose viral video “A Fat Girl Dancing” and her “No Body Shame Campaign” has taken the Internet by storm. What better way to celebrate female empowerment and a platform that embraces all body types than a music video titled Muffin Top? 


Muffin Top is another collaboration with “Team Fitty” including; Fitty Smallz, Ryan Viti and Christopher Royden Myers of Mighty Music Group under the Fitty Smallz record label, Notorious F.I.T. Productions. Female vocals by Joy Dennis. The video was Produced by Fitty Smallz and directed and edited by Kurt Hudson. 




Hamburger Fries & Shake is the epic, smash debut by new Rap Star, Fitty Smallz, AKA Notorious F.I.T. with guest appearances by UFC and MMA champion, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and Semhar Tedesse of Survivor. The video was filmed at the Pink Motel in Los Angeles, California, directed by Nayip Ramos and produced by Casey Schreffler and Fitty Smallz. Featuring female vocals by Joy Dennis, Hamburger Fries & Shake was written and produced by Fitty Smallz in collaboration with Ryan Viti and Christopher Royden Myers of Mighty Music Group under the Fitty Smallz record label, Notorious F.I.T. Productions. Female vocals by Joy Dennis.


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