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About Fitty Smallz


Fitty Smallz is an IFBB Pro Athlete and Masters Physique Champion with 8 National Championships, 30 Physique Championships and he's won more NPC Physique Championships than anyone in history.  A fitness expert, author and innovator with 40 years  of experience in the industry, Fitty has inspired and influenced the lives of millions of people through fitness, motivation, education and music.  Known as a wildly dynamic speaker, motivator, educator, and entertainer, Fitty Smallz has uniquely combined his extensive knowledge of fitness with his other passion – music.  America’s only Fitness Rap Star, Fitty launched his own record label, Notorious F.I.T. Productions, and immediately began to deliver vibrant, original beats and lyrics with a humorous and thought-provoking perspective.  Fitty released 4 original singles, including Hamburger Fries & Shake, Muffin Top,  Gluteus Maximus and Thunda Thighs, which quickly climbed online charts as people found the music and began to support the message through the Fitty Smallz social community. Fitty authored the Big Fat Health and Fitness Lie, published by Waterside Publishing in April, 2007, followed by The Peoples Guide to Health, Happiness and Longevity. 


Fitty Smallz is partner in multiple fitness ventures, including Crunch Fitness, the second largest fitness franchisees in the world and dotFIT, one of the largest gym based nutrition company's in the world.  During his career, Fitty has held multiple national fitness certifications and is a Fully Certified Pilates Instructor with over 600 hours of certification through Balanced Body.  He's been featured on the cover of multiple fitness magazines  and his perspective and opinion has been highly valued and sought after as an fitness expert contributor; including Time Magazine, the New York Times, Crain’s New York Business, Entertainment News, Club Business International, Club Success, Club Insider and many others. 

Fitty's mission is too; "Inspire, motivate, empower and educate people through fitness and music."








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