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Co- Star in Fitty's Next Music Video!


We are excited to announce the forth original music video for America’s only Fitness Rap Star, Fitty Smallz.  This represents another collaboration with Fitty's record label Notorious F.I.T. Productions and musical partners Ryan, Viti and Christopher Royden Myers of Mighty Music Group. Thunda Thighs will be a highly stylized fitness based music video with a lot of fun, excitement, energy and of course, humor.

Fitty's formula for success is based on collaboration. To date, Fitty Smallz has collaborated with people on every project, including MMA and UFC Champion Chuck Liddell who co-starred in Fitty's first music video Hamburger Fries & Shake. He collaborated with X-Factor phenom, Jordyn Jones on a Dance Tutorial for Hamburger Fries & Shake that has a combined total of over 3 Million views. Also co-starring in Hamburger Fries & Shake was Semhar of Survivor and Kyle Pacek of American Horror Story "Freak Show." Fitty collaborated with reality TV star Whitney Way Thore of TLC's, My Big Fat Fabulous Life and the viral video "A Fat Girl Dancing." Whitney co-stared in Muffin Top and Gluteus Maximus to support her No Body Shame Campaign. Whitney also performed live with Fitty on First Coast Living and at the Jacksonville Landing.  For musical collaboration, Fitty worked with female R&B sensation, Joy Dennis who has performed the bridge in 4 of his original songs, Hamburger Fries & Shake, Muffin Top, Gluteus Maximus and Thunda Thighs. Fitty and Joy also performed together on live TV for First Coast Living and during a live performance at Jacksonville Landing.






























































Please provide your resume, reel links, social media links and any unique skills. 


Hamburger Fries & Shake FEAT. Chuck Liddell

Mufin Top FEAT. Whitney Thore 

Gluteus Maximus FEAT. Whitney Thore

Thunda Thighs Production

Fitty Smallz is sponsored by and one of the top nutrition companies in the world, dotFIT. The Thunda Thighs music video is sponsored by Throwdown, one of the top manufacturers of fitness equipment, including the famous UFC and MMA cages. The video will be filmed at the brand new Throwdown showroom with amazing equipment; including the awe inspiring UTC K2, signature combat cages plus many other major pieces of equipment and accessories.


  • The shoot date is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

  • Call Times: 9:00am for wardrobe and makeup.

  • Full day production of approximately 10 hours. We shoot until we get it all.

  • Hair, makeup and wardrobe instructions will be provided prior to the shoot.

  • Food, drinks and snakes will be provided throughout the day.

  • Our standard release forms will be sent via EchoSign for fast and easy digital signatures.

  • Location Address:

    Prologis Lake Forest Business Center

    25731 Commercentre Drive

    Lake Forest, CA 92630



We are looking for top fitness professionals, dancers, B-boys, Parkour experts, body builders, contortionists,  gymnasts and other unique individuals who want to be featured in a high production music video with a cross promotional relationship with like minded people to the benefit of all involved. 



Cross-promotional collaboration and audience sharing is a proven formula and recommended strategy by Google and YouTube to increase the fan base and subscribers for collaborating partners. We are only interested in working with like-minded people who understand and value of collaboration, social media sharing and cross promotion.



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